Top Ten Gay Wedding Photo Backdrop Ideas

Every gay wedding needs a perfect photo spot for your guests to take all their aesthetic, insta-worthy pictures, but the classic balloon arch isn’t the only backdrop option! Below we have listed our top ten ideas for a unique photo backdrop for your gay wedding!

What Is A Photo Backdrop?

Photo backdrops are spots that are set up with a decorative background or structure that frames a view, providing guests with a superb photo opportunity. They can be decked out with props and garments that guests can use in their photos. They are highly interactive and the perfect meeting spot for the couple to take pictures with their guests.

Floral Wall

Perfect for spring and summer weddings. Bringing in a faux flower wall looks gorgeous, elegant and also won’t break the bank compared to live flowers.
Circular Floral Hoop

Similar to the suggestion above, the main difference is that it isn’t a full-scale wall but a daintier version which equals fewer flowers; more bohemian.
Garden Trellis

Following the boho theme, a wooden trellis adorned with flowers, leaves, and lanterns make for a beautifully put-together backdrop.
Colorful Cut Fabric

Wooden posts that are draped with long, thin colorful pieces of fabric create a bright and whimsical backdrop.
Fairy-lit Tree

If you’re hosting an outdoor woodland/garden wedding find a statement tree and simply layer it with fairy lights for a dreamy backdrop.

There are many ways to pull off a minimalist backdrop, a simple blank background can be customised by your guests. It becomes a fun activity when you ask your guests to write a sweet note on it after they take their pictures! As the evening goes on, the backdrop becomes more and more full with lovely messages!
Groovy Graphic

70’s inspired, layered cut-out designs. Either go bold with a retro color palette or modernize with shades of dusty terracotta or emerald green!

Similar to the minimalist option, but instead think of a big slate-style backdrop that guests can come and write on in chalk. You don’t have to spend loads on this idea if you use blackboard paint on a wooden surface.

This wouldn’t be a suggestion list for a gay wedding without an option to show off your pride! Hang an array of multi-colored lights in a way that gives a soft rainbow glow to any photo. This can be customized to work with any of these suggestions! Or why get creative with the colors of the rainbow in your own way?
Empty Frames

For a vintage-style backdrop, think large tea-stained background adorned with intricately detailed wooden and gold frames. For an added twist, cut out the material in the middle of the frames for guests to stand behind, making the frames look like they hold photos or like they are mirrors!

Now that you know more about some gorgeous gay wedding photo backdrops, have a look at our list of 20 Unique Gay Wedding Favor Ideas.

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