Top 20 Themes For Your Gay Wedding

Take a look at our top 20 themes for the most memorable day of your life!

If you are thinking about choosing a theme for your wedding, you are probably deep into wedding planning and need some inspiration from LGBTQ+ couples around the world. Here we have compiled a list of our top 20 themes that we think are perfect for a gay wedding.

Simple Theme Ideas For Your Gay Wedding

Black Tie

Choosing a formal black tie dress code, neutral-colored decorations, and a monochromatic cake with a chic stately home backdrop may be exactly what you and your partner are looking for.

Classical Romance

If you want a wedding with a dreamy aesthetic, opt for a garden venue that’s overflowing with white roses, candlelit round tables, and a white-tiered cake.

Rustic Wedding

The ever-popular rustic theme is perfect if you want the balance of a homey yet charming wedding. An intimate barn lined with hay bale seating, oil lanterns, and a deconstructed Victoria Sponge makes for the perfect cozy wedding.

Garden Party

The location is simple with manicured lawns (or overgrown depending on your style), and the spring/summer season bringing the weather to have a floral garden wedding. Think of a bright color scheme, string lights interconnecting the tables, and lots of greenery.

Seasonal Setting

This is dependent on the season you choose of course. For example a winter wonderland theme complete with silver and blue color schemes, fake snow showering down, and warm hot toddies upon arrival!

Modern Theme Ideas For Your Gay Wedding


Sometimes less really is more with a theme that uses a neutral color scheme with small pops of color. No clutter on the tables, usually a smaller intimate gathering and a relaxed indoor venue.


For the couple who love contemporary, a refreshing venue choice may be a warehouse or an old factory adorned with a muddy color scheme, mixed with metallic textures and not going overboard with the decor.

Maximalist Modernity

Think bold. This means swapping out the classic colored attire for maybe a dark purple. Blueberry cheesecake instead of the classic vanilla-tiered one, as well as quirky decor.

Boat Wedding

For those who fancy a small intimate gathering among the seas, opt for a fabulous boat/yacht and a nautical theme. Think bright blues, a seafood-style menu, and gorgeous salty air.

Mid-Century Modern

If you love all things mid-century, then burnt orange color schemes with quirky wooden accents based in a retro hotel may be right up your street.

Luxury & Glamour Theme Ideas For Your Gay Wedding

Vineyard Vibes

Elegance in the form of nature. Vineyards bring a luxurious feeling of their own, with locally sourced wines, cork signs, and a mellow color scheme such as light greens & browns. You can really bring the scene together.

Botanical Gardens

Think garden party, only much more opulent! Sophisticated circular seating arrangements surrounded by exotic flowers, a huge floral picture wall, and delicate cocktails should be considered for this theme.

Masquerade Ball

For those mysterious couples who like the darker style classy affair, try this theme. Moody color schemes with glitzy accents, dark flora, and of course, do not forget the masks!

The Grecian Style

Romance, history, and art. It’s very hard to not exude elegance with a Grecian-themed wedding. A historic venue with columns would be ideal, a color scheme of white, green & gold, and extravagant platters of food filled with fruits and cheeses.


Vintage yet fashionable. The decor may include sunburst lights, gold and black color scheme with speckles of red, and definitely some feathers somewhere. You really can’t go wrong with a 1920’s dress code either.

Alternative Theme Ideas For Your Gay Wedding

Woodland Wedding

Outdoor enthusiasts will consider having a woodland-themed wedding. Pick your favorite forest venue, hang fairy lights from tree to tree and definitely make sure you use lots of light birch and dark oak in your decoration. A color scheme that includes a light contrasting color such as red to brighten up the surrounding woods.

Midsummer Marriage

The longest day of the year filled with sunshine, laughter, and pastel-colored flora may be perfect for the summer-loving couple. Flower crowns and dancing in front of the never-setting sun are a must!

Wedding Festival

The ultimate party is of course a festival! Multiple inter-connecting marquees filled with live music and entertainment are the main focus here. Having an onsite area where guests can camp really adds to the experience, and have vending style food with a few options!

Celestial Event

Picture a starry night, calming deep blue hues, and a gentle harp providing the lullabies for the night. The decor would include star-like lighting, a moonlit dance floor, and maybe some designs that feature both partners’ zodiac signs.

Wedding in Wonderland

If you’re a fan of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, then maybe creating your own storybook-style wedding is for you. Quirky decor with clocks and cards, interactive entertainment, and light pastel colors will ensure you do this theme right!

What next?

So here we have our top 20 theme ideas for an LGBTQ+ friendly wedding. Once you have decided on the perfect theme, it’s time to start planning what it looks like for your own unique gay wedding! We suggest you start by having a look at venues and local suppliers that fit with your theme.

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