10 Gift Ideas For The Wedding Party At A Gay Wedding

Your wedding party is such a huge part of the entire wedding process. You want them to know that you are grateful for the time and effort they have put in to help make your marriage journey as special as possible. This means that when it comes to the wedding day, you want to have a token of appreciation you can hand to your groomsmen or bridesmaids (if that’s what they are called). We have done most of the leg work and created a list of gift ideas that we know your wedding party is going to love. So, what should you get your wedding party as a gift at a gay wedding?

Toiletry Bag

There are bound to be a few things that people have forgotten to pack, so creating a sweet little bag that has mini essentials is a small but really thoughtful gift to give to your wedding party. The items in the bag don’t have to be expensive, but maybe spend a few extra pennies on the bag itself so they can reuse it.


Personalized Water Bottles

Super cute and reusable. Pair bottles with another gift to create a personalized hamper. And they are also great for the environment as it encourages your wedding party to use their bottle instead of purchasing plastic bottles all the time.


Personalized Portable Chargers

You’ll find multiple personalized options on this list, but a really useful one we know will be highly appreciated is a portable charger. We’re in a digital age where people are lost without their phones, so give the gift of constant power!


Essential Oil Set

We all know how stressful wedding planning can be. Thank your wedding party for helping by gifting them an aromatherapy set so they can wind down and relax. Make it extra special by personally choosing different essential oils for each attendant.


Ancestry Kit

This one is a bit of a weird one. Ancestry kits allow people to trace back their history and heritage to find out more about their lineage! It’s a really unique gift. You can even host an evening where everyone comes and brings what they have discovered and learns some new facts about each other!

Gift Ideas For The Wedding Party At A Gay Wedding

Travel Gift Card

With the world eventually going to open back up and travel becoming more of a reality, gift your wedding party a travel gift card. They range from covering the cost of three nights in a hostel to a full weekend in Paris – an ultimate treat for your wedding party! Works best for a smaller wedding that has fewer wedding attendants.

Gift Ideas For The Wedding Party At A Gay Wedding

Matching Jewelry

Small pieces of jewelry are perfect gifts for any wedding celebrant. You all have a matching item that connects you, and acts as a sweet constant reminder of your time spent as a group planning and attending the wedding!


Concert Tickets

Get your group together again at a later date to see one of your favorite artists! Not only will your attendants be shocked, but they will also be excited to see you after the wedding as a newly married couple!

Gift Ideas For The Wedding Party At A Gay Wedding

Personalized Hampers

Everyone loves a good old hamper that contains personally chosen gifts for each attendant. Featuring their favorite snacks, drinks, or just something they have mentioned before that they would love. A particular book or an album will be great additions to the hamper.


Unisex Pajamas

A fun and light-hearted gift where you can pick out some high-quality PJ’s and even personalize them with the initials of the attendants. Hilarious for whenever you all get together and hang out at night and perfect for just personal use at home.


We hope that this guide gave you some good ideas for what to gift your wedding party at your gay wedding. Wondering who to invite to your gay wedding? Take a look at our guide.

Chante Mclaughlin
Author: Chante Mclaughlin

Creative Executive for GayandLesbianWeddings.com