Top Ten Lesbian Wedding Gift Ideas

You’ve either been invited to a lesbian wedding or you are planning your wedding registry but are stumped for ideas – well you’re in luck! This guide will showcase our top ten lesbian wedding gift ideas!

Choosing a gift to say “Congratulations on your Marriage” is a way to show your thanks for being invited to a wedding, but how do you choose something appropriate? You want a gift that is well-thought-out and that the happy couple will appreciate for years to come, but do you choose something sentimental, funny, expensive, or basic? That is entirely dependent on your relationship with the couple, their likes & dislikes, and whether it will cause offence or not. It’s usually a smart idea to choose something sentimental rather than a joke gift, as it might not hit the mark quite the way you planned, so it’s better to play it safe with a wedding gift. You’ll find a lot of personalized options on here as we think they are a great way to show an extra bit of care and attention.

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Personalized Champagne Flutes/Wine Glasses

This is a great choice for the couple who like a drink in the evening but with a personalized touch. You can engrave the glass with many different things, for example, the wedding date, a quote from a favorite song or poem, or even just their names. Pair this with a bottle of something special so they can break in their gift in style!

Personalized Photo Frame/Album

There are going to be tons of gorgeous pictures from the wedding day and the couple is going to want to display them. Save them some time and energy by personalizing a frame or photo album with the date or your favorite vows from the day for an extra special touch.

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Naming A Star

Yes, you can actually pick a star out of the sky and get an official certificate to commemorate its new name and ownership! It’s a really sweet gesture and you can attach a romantic message alongside it, such as “May your love burn as bright as this star”.

Sound-wave Print or Personalised Vinyl

This unique gift is a perfect way to capture a piece of the wedding day. Having a sound-wave print of a song used at the wedding, such as the first dance, is a lovely way to remember the day. If you wish to purchase the gift so it’s ready in time for the wedding then you may have to ask the couple what songs they are using in advance.

Personalized Self-Care Hamper

After what was likely a long and tiring wedding planning journey, it would be nice for the couple to wind down and have a night in together as a married couple! And what better way than a night full of face masks, bubble baths, and aromatherapy? Include some of their favorite snacks, a great movie, and a nice bottle of wine to really set the tone then complete it with all the self-care essentials such as candles and body scrubs!

Travel Collector

This unique gift allows the couple to carry their travels with them everywhere they go. Get them a small metal ring for each country they’ve traveled to together, and watch them add on more over time.

Scratch-Off World Map

Another great gift for the couple who loves to travel! A world map with scratchable destinations acts as a bucket list and a way to remember all the places the couple has been to already. It also looks great hanging in any living room or study.

Personalized Keepsake Box

Engraving a rustic wooden box that the couple can keep all their wedding day mementos in is a unique gift not many think of. No one wants to throw away the little pieces of decor that you save on the day, but no one ever has a little box to keep them in, so they usually get forgotten about or thrown away. You can fix that by gifting a dedicated box to stash everything in, ready for when guests come over and want to reminisce!

Date & Activity Prompts

This is a thoughtful gift that allows the couple to create memories together rather than gifting them an immobile object. There are a few ways of doing this but you can purchase ready-made “Date Ideas” or “Couple Activity Prompts” online, or make your own that is personalized to the couple. The couple would randomly choose a “Date Prompt” and proceed to follow through with that suggested activity!

Day Out/Activity Tickets

If the couple loves getting out and about then maybe purchasing tickets to a concert, festival, or even sky-diving would be ideal, because sometimes nothing lasts forever like a memory! Activities are a great option if you’re not sure what to buy the couple and instead feel that experiencing something new is a better option!

So there you have it, our top ten list of perfect gifts for a lesbian wedding. We hope something on this list sparks your creativity and helps you choose the ideal gift! For even more ideas and wedding inspiration be sure to check out our other guides. Read more: Top Ten Gay Wedding Gift Ideas.

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