21 Ideas For An Autumn or Fall Gay Wedding

fall gay wedding

Fall (or Autumn) brings around the most drastic change in the seasons with an amber palette, falling leaves and the smell of fires keeping homes warm. We associate autumn with warm, cozy feelings which makes it the perfect season to celebrate an intimate gay wedding. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to throw the most aesthetic autumn LGBTQ+ wedding then you’ve come to the right place!

Wedding Locations & Venues

  1. Country Manor – Look for vine-covered stately homes that have deciduous leaves. As a result, when you get to the autumn season, the leaves around the home would have changed to a gorgeous brown/red color!
  1. Mountainside – What better way to view the autumn surroundings then an overlooking view of the woodland. Venues set in mountains, foothills and rolling hillsides are perfect to get a panoramic view of the changing landscape.
  1. Woodland – The most obvious location would be a venue set in the forest. Below the falling auburn leaves and the smell of crisp, cool air. Woodlands are super versatile locations that provide an ambience like no other!
  1. Converted Barn – Hay bales and harvest is the perfect rustic theme for a wedding at a converted barn. Autumn is the time of harvest! It provides a brilliant warm color palette and many decoration ideas!
  1. Restored Warehouse – For less shabby-chic and more industrial glamour. Opt for a modernized warehouse that has exposed metal beams and accents. It’s slightly similar to the suggestion above but with a modern twist.

Wedding Attire & Accessories

  1. Plaid – Giving lumberjack realness. In other words, plaid looks great when used in small accents and accessories. Bow ties, waistcoats, handkerchiefs and ribbons are subtle ways to bring in plaid in your attire.
  1. Copper Velvet – Velvet is luxurious, comfortable fabric and can bring a certain luxe to an outfit. Dresses and blazers will look perfect in this material.
  1. Tweed – This material is another one that not only looks great but will definitely keep you warmer during outdoor festivities. A brown and purple color palette works really well with tweed,

Entertainment & Reception

  1. Hay Bale Maze – Perfect entertainment for both adults and children. Getting lost in a hay bale maze is a classic autumn activity!
  1. Fireworks – Fireworks are associated with autumn so hosting your own private firework show is an ideal way of entertaining guests! Whether it be your mid-evening entertainment or your exit show, fireworks give the crowd something to go “ooooh-ahhhhh” about.
  1. Bonfire – Similarly to the suggestion above, bonfires are a big part of autumnal celebrations. Warm your guests up with a burning bonfire and set up a s’mores station for guests to snack on!

Food & Drink

  1. Pie Cart – Assorted selection of autumnal pie slices sounds like the perfect snack for your guests right? Decorate the cart with mini pumpkins and squash for extra detailing.
  1. Apple Fondue – Caramel and toffee apples are the ultimate autumn treat! Have an area set up where guests can dip and decorate their own apple (slices).
  1. Carrot Cake – Any spiced cake works perfectly for an autumnal wedding cake but carrot cake is the one we think suits best. Cream cheese frosting and warm spices make for a comforting wedding cake.
  1. Mulled Cider – Warm, spiced alcoholic beverages are a sure way of keeping your guests warm, happy and merry!
  1. Hot Cocoa Station – This one could be for the non-drinkers and younger crowd. Set up a customizable hot chocolate station! Guests can add marshmallows, cinnamon and other ingredients to dress up their hot chocolates!

Extra Details

  1. Decorative Vegetables – Pumpkins, squash and all the fall produce you can think of can be used for displays and decorations. Just make sure to save them and donate any unwanted produce to local organizations if you re not taking them home or gifting them to guests.
  1. Scented Candles – If the venue allows for open flames then spiced scented candles can add a subtle yet sophisticated ambience. If you cannot have open flames then opt for LED candles and potpourris on each table.
  1. Barrels – These make for great tables, bars and decorative displays. Place fairy lights around them and add warm-toned accents. Guests can use them to mingle around or you can serve small appetizers on them, all in all the are very versatile surfaces.
  1. Seating Tree – Instead of the usual seating chart, you can use a small tree to hang guests names and table numbers off. Written on pieces of paper that look like autumn leaves to continue the fall theme.
  1. Halloween – You may want to ditch the whole autumn idea and go for a completely different, unique theme and Halloween is the perfect choice for those who want a moody color palette and spooky entertainment!

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Chante Mclaughlin
Author: Chante Mclaughlin

Creative Executive for GayandLesbianWeddings.com