25 Ideas For A Spring Gay Wedding

Spring gay wedding ideas

Out of all the four seasons, spring is known for its renewal of life and light back in the world. The temperature gets a little warmer, the days get a little longer and the air gets a little sweeter! What a perfect time to throw a fabulous gay wedding, from the themes to the location. We have compiled a list of our top ideas for a sublime spring LGBTQ+ wedding.

Location & Venue

  1. Whimsical Woodland – The forest is the perfect place to host your gay wedding as you’ll be surrounded by the sounds and smells of woodland coming back to life! Pops of color in your decor bring a whimsical aesthetic to the location or cream/beige palettes. Vintage decor make the place feel like something straight out of a fairy tale.
  1. Fabulous Farm – If you’re looking for a gorgeous location with a rustic touch then look for converted barns on sprawling farmland, warm oaks and fairy lights add to the ambience! Maybe even look for a working farm that has animals your guests can interact with. Nothing screams Spring more than adorable little lambs.
  1. Botanical Gardens – Flowers are the staple of spring so a botanical garden is an ideal candidate for a gay wedding. Fresh floral smells, bright color palettes and plenty of photo opportunities. Host a quirky tea party complete with teacups for cocktails, a loose leaf tea bar and a topsy-turvy wedding cake!
  1. Cherry Blossom Grove – Cherry blossoms are such a beautiful plant that only bloom in the spring for a couple of weeks at a time making spring the only time you can have blooming Sakura trees appear at your wedding. They are found and protected in countries all over the world. In Chinese culture, they represent strength, sexuality and love (quite fitting for an LGBT wedding). In Japan, they are cherished more than other flowers for a multitude of reasons.
  1. Charming Conservatory – A butterfly themed wedding in a bright, open conservatory is the ultimate location and theme idea for a spring wedding. Fake butterflies positioned to look like they are flying around the flowers and a pastel palette for added elegance.

Attire & Accessories

  1. Boutonniere and Bouquets – Flowers are a huge part of the spring aesthetic. What better way to incorporate them than with floral accessories!
  1. Flower Crowns – Flowers arranged around a dainty headband for you, your partner and your guests are the perfect accessories for spring weddings.
  1. Green & Blush – Use a green and blush color palette for your wedding attire and decor to bring in a fresh yet fancy feel to your gay wedding.
  1. Parasols – For a fun accessory that not only looks great by bringing in an old-fashioned garden party aesthetic but also protects your guests from any surprise spring showers!
  1. Floral Fashion – “Flowers for spring? Groundbreaking.” as Miranda Priestly would say but really you can’t go wrong with floral patterned shirts, dresses or jumpsuits.

Entertainment & Reception

  1. Herb Confetti Bar – Dried herbs are the new glitter, swap out the usual confetti for an area where guests can go up and create a concoction of dried flowers/herbs to use as confetti. Not only do they smell amazing but they are also a more sustainable option!
  1. Overgrown Aisle – Line your aisle with plenty of greenery to bring in a gorgeous wild feel to the ceremony. It’s your personal runway so dress it up with pretty accents that compliments the wedding party’s outfits.
  1. Floral Photo Backdrop – Flower walls are popular all-year round for an aesthetic backdrop but spring is where they really pop. Real flowers are going to look and smell amazing but fake flowers will save you money.
  1. Face Paint – Have your guests be decorated in floral face paint designs for hilarious photos that fit with your spring wedding theme!
  1. Outdoor Swing – Rustic garden swings are not only super fun but also make for a gorgeous photo spot!

Food & Drink

  1. Creative Cocktails – Set a cocktail menu that uses seasonal botanical ingredients. Serve them in mini watering jugs or crockery for the shabby-chic look.
  1. Ice Cream Van – The weather has become a little warmer and what better way to celebrate than with a cool cone! Choose ice creams that match your color palette and theme for extra detail.
  1. Naked Cake – Spring is the perfect time to host a rustic style wedding and barely decorated, rustic Victorian sponge looks incredible and tastes even better!
  1. Fresh Fruit – A quirky yet healthier option for guests to snack on are adorable mini punnets of assorted fresh fruit!
  1. Iced Tea Trolley – Fresh iced tea that uses interesting and unique flavors are the perfect way to quench your guests’ thirsts. Allow your guests to customize their drinks by adding edible glitter, dried flowers and plastic-free straws!

Extra Details

  1. Hanging Plants – Plants and flowers hanging from your ceilings. Trees and canopies add a wild yet romantic touch to any venue.
  1. Seeded Wedding Favors – There are so many unique options for gay wedding favors but we think personalized herb or flower seed packets are so cute and a long-lasting gift for your guests.
  1. Leftover Flowers – If you’re having a spring gay wedding, you’re more than likely to be using flowers right? So share them with your guests and local organizations! Collect the flowers used and create mini bouquets that you can gift either as favors to your guests. You can even gift them to local hospitals, charities and retirement/nursing homes.
  1. Potted Plants – Similar to the hanging plants but this time set in rustic pots. These also make it easier to give as gifts to your guests! A more sustainable option just like the one suggested above.
  1. Fire pit – As the celebrations head into the evening, it’s easy to forget that spring is still much cooler during the night when the temperatures drop. Give your guests the option to cozy up and warm themselves with a big bonfire!

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Chante Mclaughlin
Author: Chante Mclaughlin

Creative Executive for GayandLesbianWeddings.com