Top Ten Gay Wedding Gift Ideas

You’ve been invited to a gay wedding or you are trying to plan your own registry but not sure what are acceptable wedding gifts? We are here to help, with our list of top ten gay wedding gift ideas!

Wedding gifts are a way for the guests to give back and congratulate the happy couple on their new marriage. The couple spends a lot of time, effort, and money on the wedding day, so it’s a good idea to show your thanks by gifting the couple something special. Below we have listed ten different gay wedding gift ideas that should give you some inspiration and spark your imagination!

Matching Robes and Duvet Set

Nothing beats the comfort of luxury cottons or silks! So creating a set for the ultimate lazy day complete with matching robes and the coziest duvet quilt is perfect for the homebody couple.

Coffee Machine & Artisanal Beans

For the couple who are coffee-crazy; save them some coins in the morning by purchasing them their own fancy coffee machine complete with some artisanal beans that they’ve never tried before!

Personalized Whiskey Set

Engraved glasses, whisky stones, and a top-notch bottle combine to be a lovely gift for the couple that enjoys a tipple or two!

Matching Suitcases

The perfect gift for jet-setters. You can even personalize the suitcases even more by having them engraved with the couple’s names or their wedding day.

Personalized Photo Album

Where else is the couple going to store all their beautiful wedding photos? A personalized photo album makes for the ideal gift as the couple is going to want a way to display all their pictures from their special day.

Picnic Basket

A great gift for many reasons, you can personalize a lot of the items in the basket as well as the basket itself. You can also fill it with plenty of goodies that you know the couple is going to love!

Night In Hamper

Hampers are great gifts if you want to give a whole experience rather than just one item. A “Night In” hamper could include a projector, snacks, and films. You can also add candles and a luxury bottle of red to set the mood!

Herb Growing Kit

This is a unique gift for the couple who love cooking and want to get into gardening. It’s something they can do together and create a fun routine out of looking after the plants because someone is going to have to water them!

Day Out

You can purchase different “Day’s Out” such as sports car testing, wine tasting, or even bungee jumping. This is a great option for those who want to give a memory-making experience rather than a physical object.

 Personalized Art

There are so many places and people that you can ask to commission a personalized art piece. A great idea is to take your favorite picture of the couple to an artist and ask them to create their version of it.

We hope this list gives you plenty of ideas for the perfect gay wedding gift. If you are looking for even more inspiration we have a guide on Top Ten Lesbian Wedding Gift Ideas that has a few more suggestions for wedding gifts.

Chante Mclaughlin
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