15 Ideas For A Winter Gay Wedding

gay winter wedding

Winter is a time of joy, laughter and celebration. With festivities happening all around us, why not add to the fun by hosting a unique gay wedding in the winter season! Below we have suggested a bunch of ideas that will help inspire you while you plan your dreamy winter LGBTQ+ wedding.

Location & Venue

  1. Castle – Yes we know, some people may think a castle is over-the-top but we surely don’t! They provide such a unique, fairy tale setting (especially if covered in snow!) that your guests will be talking about that one “gay winter wedding in a fairy tale castle”
  1. Manor Houses – A slightly lower scale version of the suggestion above. Manor homes and estates provide an opulent backdrop for a winter wedding. Extra bonuses if the estate has a lake or pond as frozen water features really add to the aesthetic.
  1. Botanical Garden – There are many botanical garden venues that once they are adorned with festive lighting, glittery accents and jewel-toned palettes, provide the perfect location for an LGBTQ+ wedding set in the winter.

Attire & Accessories

  1. Gold and Green – Use this color palette for a sophisticated look. Green velvet looks great when used for blazers, suit jackets and dresses finished with gold accents for a subtle festive look.
  1. Mistletoe – A symbolic plant, typically associated with romance. Use mistletoe in bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. The pretty berries add a pop of brightness to any winter-inspired theme.
  1. Glitter – Some may think glitter is tacky but it’s really the way you use it. Silver or gold glitter accents can add elegance and glamour to any outfit. Subtle glittery hair clips, pocket squares and dresses are all clothing items that can have a touch of glitter to bring in a festive feel.

Entertainment & Reception

  1. Fir Tree Guestbook – Have a festive tree where guests can write special notes to the couple on snowflakes and display them on the tree! After the wedding, you can collect them to make a scrapbook full of all the lovely messages. For extra detail, place your guests’ wedding favors underneath the tree for them to collect as they are leaving.
  1. Pass The Parcel – Wrap a small item in multiple layers of wrapping paper for each table then when everyone has found their seats and food is being prepared, have your guests pass the parcel around the table while music plays and stops until someone on the table has uncovered the prize! It makes for a great ice-breaker and provides a fun, table-side activity.
  1. Swing/Jazz Band – You can’t go wrong with live music and bands are the perfect option for an indoor wedding. They provide an intimate atmosphere and is unique compared to a classic DJ playing a set playlist.

Food & Drink

  1. Champagne Tower – Extravagant, luxurious and a rare sight to see! Champagne towers bring an old Hollywood glamour to your gay wedding while also inebriating your guests! It’s a win-win.
  1. Ice Luge – Any spirit flying through this ice-cold display piece is sure to impress your guests. They look opulent and bring a lot of fun and class into shot-taking which is why they are perfect for after-hours celebrations.
  1. Carvery Style Dinner – Roast meats and vegetables are exactly what your guests need after sitting through a chilly ceremony, carved meats also look and feel grander than just an average plate of food.

Extra Details

  1. Fireplaces – If your venue has a fireplace, they are the perfect place to put festive decorations and bring in a wintry aesthetic!
  1. Fairy lights – Lighting places a big part in creating the perfect ambience for a winter wedding, choose soft warm colored lights and dot some pops of color around for the ultimate festive look.
  1. Snow & Smoke Machines – These handy little contraptions add a dreamy element to any winter wedding. Hide them amongst some festive foliage so that they are hidden but brings the venue a truly special atmosphere!

You’ve had a look at some Winter aesthetic ideas and now it’s time to plan your LGBTQ+ wedding. Perhaps you live in a warm part of the world and want to host your wedding abroad in a Wintery landscape, we suggest checking out our editorial on “Home or Away: The Pros & Cons of a Gay Destination Wedding

Chante Mclaughlin
Author: Chante Mclaughlin

Creative Executive for GayandLesbianWeddings.com