Are You And Your Partner Ready For Gay Marriage?

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Marriage is a massive step in an individual’s life. It’s probably a good idea to make sure not only you, but your partner is also ready for marriage before one of you plans the big proposal! We hope this guide can give you some pointers on how to know if you’re ready for this huge commitment. This article will help you to figure out of you and your partner are ready for gay marriage.

What is marriage?

Before even thinking about popping the question, it’s probably smart to know “what exactly is marriage?”. Marriage is a formal union between two (or more) people that binds them in a legal social contract, uniting them economically, socially and emotionally. There are many forms of marriage; from religious ceremonies to civil marriages. When you commit to a marriage you are agreeing that you will uphold legal obligations to one another throughout your lives until your death. Or decide to divorce. Fun fact – the first recorded marriage took place in 2350 B.C and became a hugely popular institution in the Hebrew, Roman and Greek communities.

Why should you get married?

Love. As corny and cliche as it sounds, it’s true. You shouldn’t marry out of desperation or for the politeness of others. Really, you should marry the person you genuinely want to spend the rest of your life with. You shouldn’t consider marriage as a simple process with an easy way out. So if you are thinking “Oh well if it doesn’t work out we can just get divorced”, then you are most definitely NOT ready for commitment.  Deciding to share your life with someone is an incredibly important decision. You’re inviting them into your private world and vice-versa. There’s no more hiding that one habit you know is going to drive them up the wall!

There are many reasons to marry besides shutting people up who constantly ask “When are you settling down?”. Being in a married relationship means that your love is on paper. It’s legally solidified! Things like starting a family or adopting are much easier. Combining your resources for a potential home or investment can be achieved much quicker. Marriage provides a sense of security! So no matter the challenges faced, you know your partner will be there to support you.

Are You And Your Partner Ready For Gay Marriage?

Do you just want a wedding?

There are many reasons not to get married. If it’s just because you or your partner want a wedding then definitely reconsider how quickly you tie the knot. If you think that marriage is going to solve all your relationship problems then also think again. It may place a temporary happy bandage over the issues when you get married. It’s like a bad foundation on an old home. The cracks will get bigger and bigger until you cannot ignore them anymore! If you just don’t want to be alone forever and marry the first long-term relationship you have, you’re probably going to find yourself even lonelier than ever. What if you don’t know that person well enough? Or you are not being true to yourself just to ensure that person sticks around?

Things you should consider before getting married

Marriage means the beginning of a whole new chapter. But it also means the end to a lot of things you probably didn’t consider. When you are married, it’s expected that you live with your partner. So if you love your own space and cannot imagine sharing that space with someone else, then take a step back from the commitment. A person is constantly changing and maturing, so will their values and morals as you get older. Marrying before the age of 27/28 isn’t usually recommended, unless you have been with your partner for over 5+ years. The divorce rate is drastically lower when married between the ages of 28-35 according to relationship experts.

If you are an individual who considers themselves to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community (which is probably why you’re reading this article), you should be aware that being in a gay marriage is a statement in itself. A lot of cultures still frown upon this and it can be a cause for concern in many different ways. Talking to your partner about how ready you are for this is an absolute must!

There are some other things to consider before marrying that you should discuss with your partner. They may seem stupid but are completely necessary conversations – where you’re going to live, money & finances, parenting styles, and all those awkward questions that require a sit-down conversation. Doing this will test the waters on your communication and how you compromise with each other. Coming to an agreement is a BIG part of marriage! If you haven’t even begun to talk about these sorts of things that may arise in marriage life, then you probably aren’t ready. But if you’ve read through this article and feel confident that you and your partner have touched base on most of these topics, then we think it’s safe to say your well on your way to marry each other!

The next step: Planning a perfect gay proposal!

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