Top Ten Wedding Cake Trends For A Gay Wedding

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The wedding cake is a huge focal point in wedding festivities. From the flavors to the tiers, choosing a wedding cake can be difficult with so many incredible options! That’s where we come in – we have found the most requested cake styles and created a list of cake trends we have noticed over the past year and going into the next. Here are our top ten wedding cake trends for a gay wedding!

Flavors & Pillars

Cake tiers stacked on pillars is not a new concept, it’s actually a very traditional way of displaying the different tiers in your cake. A modernized version is to have different flavors on the different tiers. This way of having a wedding cake allows you to experiment with different flavors and cater to everyone’s palette!


Cakes decorated with icing that looks like watercolor designs has been a consistently popular request. They look elegant and artsy without being too overstated. A perfect design for minimalist weddings.


Some couples have decided to completely scrap the traditional tiered cake and decided on individual cupcakes creating a very versatile base. We’ve seen succulent inspired cupcakes, floral designs and cupcakes that simply have the couple initials on the icing!

Single Tier

Many weddings have become much smaller affairs due to the recent ‘situation’ the world has been in, thus meaning multi-tiered cakes became less popular with fewer mouths to feed.


Nope, that doesn’t mean serving your cake on a half-naked body (not that anyone is stopping you). Actually, it means detracting from all the frills of icing, flowers and accessories on your cake and going for a more rustic look.

Mini Cakes

Similar to the cupcake suggestion. Many couples are opting for adorable mini wedding cakes that just look so cute and are a better option if you have a smaller amount of guests.


Breaking the norm comes naturally to us ,and so square cakes instead of the classic circular cake add such a brilliant twist to what would be a boring wedding cake. Square cakes are perfect for modern, minimalist and industrial style weddings. They are even the perfect shape for a tiered Art Deco theme.


Marble just has a certain elegance to it and it looks particularly chic as an icing design. The marble material has become ever so popular in the recent decade and now it’s found its way into weddings! An extra added twist is to have the inside of the cake marble as well, meshing two flavors to create an interesting pattern.


This design is ideal for a wedding that has a distinct color palette. Ombré designs allow for colors to merge into each other in a soft, aesthetic way, creating a stylish yet simple wedding cake.

Rainbow Surprise

This works with any design that we have mentioned as it’s more about the inside of the cake! A cake idea that we love is to have a cake that has rainbow colored layers on the inside, so that when you cut into it, the beautiful bright colors are revealed!

We hope that our list of Top Ten Wedding Cake Trends For A Gay Wedding has given you some inspiration. Your perfect cake should of course depend on the theme of your wedding – take a look at our Top 20 Themes For Your Gay Wedding.

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