Who To Invite To Your Gay Bachelor, Bachelorette or Bach Party

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It’s your final night of freedom but you’re not sure who should attend? This guide will cover who should and shouldn’t be at your fabulous LGBTQ+ party.

What is a Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party?

It’s a party given for a person who is set to get married, to celebrate what would be their last night of singularity. In other cultures around the world, the event may have other names such as Stag Do or Hen Weekend. They were originally gender-orientated parties, with males having a Bachelor party and females having a Bachelorette party. Fortunately, we have moved on from this generally outdated tradition. Recently there have been more gender-inclusive events with anyone being able to attend the party regardless of their gender. Bach is the gender-neutral term for someone who considers themselves non-binary or genderqueer, making these events open to anyone and non-exclusive.

Inviting Friends to Your Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party

Your party may be as large-scale or small as you would like! If you are someone who has a ridiculous amount of friends you can invite all of them but keep in mind that you may have the task of whittling down the guest list to fit a budget. But if you have a small friend group then this should be relatively easy. A good rule to stick by is to only invite those who are close to you and know how to have a good time. Inviting that friend who hates going out because of their low social bar probably shouldn’t be your first choice.

Who To Invite To Your Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party

Inviting Siblings to Your Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party

Whether you are close to your siblings or not will determine whether they should be invited. If they are in your wedding party then they should automatically have an invitation – unless the activities you have planned are not suitable for them. With that in mind, try to consider their age, it would be a shame to invite your 19-year-old sibling to a karaoke bar where you have to be 21 and over.

Inviting Parents to Your Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party

An easy decision and that should usually be a simple No. These parties aren’t typically the most appropriate place to be bonding with your parents. Think about the type of entertainment you’re going to have – do you really want to see your mum doing body shots off a young man’s oiled-up chest? Unless you consider your parents to be your best friend then we would advise against having your parents there. It allows for you to be at your most comfortable without worrying.

Having said that, plenty of people do have their parents there – so don’t be afraid if you know it’s theme appropriate.

Who To Invite To Your Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party

Other Family Members

Unless you are very close to your cousins and other family members like aunts or uncles, then there isn’t an immediate need to consider inviting them. You shouldn’t feel indebted to invite distant relatives to your party to be polite, that’s what all the other events in the wedding calendar are for!

Inviting Family-In-Law to Your Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party

When considering whether to invite family members from your partner’s side, be mindful of the type of evening you’re having. If your having your own parents there then maybe consider having the in-laws. If not then definitely skip those invitations. We would, however, recommend inviting your soon-to-be sibling-in-law if you’re having your own siblings present. It not only gives you a chance to get closer to them but also gives them a chance to mingle with your close friends and family before the wedding, jump-starting the integration of both families!

Inviting Work Colleagues to Your Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party

This one can be a tricky one as you see these people every working day and spend a majority of your week being surrounded by them, so it’s easy to feel inclined to invite a few. Generally, yes you can invite work friends, but only if you genuinely feel comfortable potentially showing your wild side. The last thing you want is to invite a judgmental work colleague who then goes around telling the whole office about that stripper you were twerking on.

Mutual Friends

It’s usually a good idea to steer clear of saying yes to mutual friends and plus-ones. Having some limits on who can and cannot attend will avoid any awkward conversations e.g. “Why did you let so-and-so bring their friend and didn’t let me bring mine?”. It’s your special evening and that means you should be surrounded by people who value your friendship and love you for you, not just to be invited to the most exciting event of the year!

Time to plan your Gay Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bach Party

So there we have it, our top tips on who you should invite to your gay bachelor/bachelorette/bach party! With the guest list coming together it’s time to start considering the type of activities, location, and theme of your party. Not to worry, we have you covered!

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Chante Mclaughlin
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