Top 15 Memorable LGBTQ+ Reception Ideas

Here is our list of unique LGBTQ+ wedding reception ideas that are sure to keep your guests talking about your big day!

Things to Consider When Thinking About Your Gay Reception

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The reception is almost more important than the ceremony in the eyes of your guests; it’s where they get to mingle and let their hair down a little bit. The guests have probably been sat down for a couple of hours in uncomfortable shoes, so making sure your reception makes them forget all the dreary moments and focusing on the fun of the evening is the most important agenda. Good food, great music, and even better entertainment are the ingredients to creating a memorable gay reception!

Photo Backdrop Ideas

Bohemian Macrame Backdrop

If you’re having a boho-themed wedding, this may be the inspiration you’re looking for. Try a huge macrame backdrop with brown & beige accents and a large rattan love seat. Definitely incorporate some greenery into it as well!

Faux Flower Wall

Classy and eco-friendly, perfect for a spring wedding that is adorned with pretty flowers and shrubs. Picture a gorgeous pastel backdrop with faux flowers delicately arranged.
Illumination Wall

Something sweet and simple like a beige wall with warm fairy lights, wooden accents, and a softly glowing neon sign with “Mr&Mr” or “Mrs&Mrs” provides a brilliant spot for photos!

Vintage Frames

Elegantly draped white curtains with golden vintage frames make for a sophisticated look. Lit up with gold candles and white chairs propped in front and you’ve got a gorgeous photo area.


A simple yet bold choice. Large draping fabrics in a simple pallette will allow you and your guests to be the main focus. For an added bonus and to bring some more interest to the backdrop, have a small prop box for guests to use in their pictures.

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Wedding Favors

Deconstructed Cupcake Jars

These are a perfect idea if you know the wedding cake is going to be a hit and you want people to take the recipe and try to make it themselves! It’s great for getting your guests to remember your event by asking them to tag you in posts with their version of the cake later down the line.

Midnight Snack

There’s nothing better than food-related gifts (other than money), so why not send your guests home with a simple takeaway snack that they can have on their journeys home? They’ve partied their earlier dinner away and probably had a few beverages to wash it down! Wedding cones filled with something like onion rings or popcorn will always be big hits.
Polaroid Pictures

For those having a retro-themed wedding, it wouldn’t be complete without some retro memorabilia. Have a Polaroid camera station where guests can not only add some pictures to a memory book but can also take them home for their own scrapbook!

Mini Cocktails

A fabulous idea is to have a signature cocktail created for your wedding day and have it be served around the wedding. But an even better idea is to bottle it up into an adorable little vial complete with a vintage tag! Or maybe having a create-your-cocktail station where guests can ask the bartender to include their favorite spirits and ingredients.

Seed Packets

At first this may seem really bizarre, but sending your guests home with a wildflower seed packet with their name on which they can scatter in their garden or window box is a unique idea for those who are into sustainability and perhaps have a garden-themed wedding! Choose you & your partners’ favourite flowers for a personal touch.

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Reception Entertainment

Photo Booth

You really can’t get enough pictures at a gay wedding reception so making sure the way you get them is entertaining is crucial! Photo booths allow for your guests to keep themselves entertained and are a good excuse to say Hello to that one friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with on your special day!

Giant Jenga

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, or your location has an outdoor area, then providing some easy, interactive games like Giant Jenga, Limbo, or even an adult-friendly bouncy castle will be a big talking point for your guests.
Big Bonfire

Your outdoor forest-themed wedding wouldn’t be complete without a large fire pit where guests can gather and mingle. Setting up a small “S’more Station” where guests can roast their own marshmallows brings in the interactive side.

Prop Boxes

There’s no better way to bring in some silliness than by having prop boxes with ridiculous moustaches and masks around. It’s a great way to lift the mood and create a fun atmosphere!

Glitter Station

Festival or carnival-themed weddings wouldn’t be complete without a glitter station! Complete with face gems and other accessories it’s great for both adults and children to bring some sparkle to your guests’ outfits!

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